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You look at me and I just die

Lohan takes a diva detour
Tuesday Jun 21, 7:15 AM ET

By William Keck, USA TODAY

It was the Lohan 500 at the world premiere of Disney's "Herbie: Fully Loaded" as 18-year-old Lindsay Lohan raced down a black-carpeted stretch of Hollywood Boulevard with the speed of Mario Andretti, passing 17 VW Herbie Beetles and leaving reporters in the dust.

After a screening of the film, which opens Wednesday, Lohan stomped out into the lobby of the El Capitan Theatre huffing, "I'm so (angry)!" Her team of handlers hurried her into a bathroom for a 12-minute cooling down period.

At a block-party carnival after the screening, Lohan was hugged by her mother, Dina, and received compliments from co-star Matt Dillon, before explaining her outburst.

"I was upset when I didn't hear my song ("First") during the race scene, where I originally thought it would be," Lohan said while signing autographs. "I was like, 'Whoaaa,' because nobody stays to hear the song in the closing credits."

"So I ran out."

"First" is especially important to her because "I recorded it right before I got sick (from exhaustion) and went to the hospital. And then I shot the video for it and re-sprained my ankle. I pushed myself to get it done for the movie when I probably should have waited."

Dillon had helped return a smile to her freckled face by telling the teen: "You're beautiful. You are." Lohan wore a watermelon-colored Valentino country dress with white polka dots that brought to mind the 1960s, when the very first Herbie movie ("The Love Bug") made its debut.

Despite her public falling out with her father, Michael, who has had a series of run-ins with the law, Lohan offered him a warm Father's Day message: "I hope he's well. God bless him, and I love him."

Michael Keaton plays Lohan's dad in the film and said he often had to step in as her father figure on set.

"The boys in the movie gave her a hard time," Keaton said.

Lohan confirmed with a laugh: "They totally tortured me. They turned the electricity off in my trailer, and they'd bang on the walls."

Lohan's svelte figure has been scrutinized in the tabloids of late. But when a waiter brought a fully loaded baked potato, she said, "That is my lunch" and added that on Saturday, "I was at the pool with my brother having sundaes."


ahahahaha what a head case! Oh noes! my song is at the end!!!

And why was she being told she's beautiful? What's that got to do with it? Shouldn't he have being saying something about her song?

"You know Lidnsey, you're song was really lyk omg so kewl! and you're really the bestest singer ever in the whole wide universe!!!11!"

And how I laugh at her being "tortured" by the mean ol boys. The poor dear. They'd bang on the walls! What little bastards!!! *cries*

And I love love love her whole angst at writing the song. Yeah I'm sure that's why you went to hospital. Exhaustion.... caused by the boys.... banging on the walls I bet.

This picture for some reason seems appropriate...

Here are the lyrics to the lovelysong
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