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the perfect child facsimile

This is in a friend's journal, and I think she transcribed it herself from the NY Daily News.

DANES IN PAIN: Believe it or not, Claire Danes isn't siding with another "other woman," Angelina Jolie. Said Danes: "I worried about Jennifer [Aniston], you know?" Danes, for whom Billy Crudup left his pregnant girlfriend, Mary-Louise Parker, confides in Details' Fifth Anniversary issue: "It's the Jennifer we all carry inside of us." Huh? She adds: "I am still in the cocoon, I think, and waiting to emerge as a grownup. It's kind of an amorphous, transitional time. I feel like I should be more congealed than I am." Double huh? Danes also complains about her first-ever nude scene in "Shopgirl," with Steve Martin. "Acting is a humiliating job, from start to finish. ... But they played jazz. That helped." Hmmm, maybe violins would have been more appropriate.

Clair Danes may be my new "WTF are you talking about?!" girl, possibly edging out Vanessa Carlton, who to my knowledge, hasn't said anything completely off it recently.

And dude. Who in their right mind would choose Claire Danes over Mary-Louise Parker? Damn. People are insane.
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