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Paris' parent trap.

23 August 2005

Paris Hilton's big day is off because her would-be groom and now ex-lover didn't bother to tell his parents he'd proposed.

Despite the publicity surrounding their engagement, it appears the news hadn't quite filtered through to Greece, where the Hilton heiress's fiance Paris Latsis's parents live.

So, when The Simple Life star threw a mega-bucks bash for both families to celebrate, only one set of prospective in-laws was in on the news. Hers.

And now Latsis's shocked dad, Grigoris Kasidokostas, has refused permission for the couple to marry.

And Hilton has dumped the shipping heir.

"It was like a bad scene out of Meet The Parents," a friend told London's News of the World.

"Two of the world's richest families meet to celebrate their kids' engagement, but one set of parents knows nothing about it.

"Grigoris also thinks his son is too young to be tying the knot and has cast doubts on how serious the relationship is. It's all very embarrassing.

"It wasn't that Paris didn't want to tell his parents. He just never got round to doing it properly. But if he wants Paris back he'll have to do a lot of grovelling."

The couple's romance was called off several weeks ago after a gathering of the clans was arranged on a yacht moored off the coast of the Greek island Mykonos.

That's when Hilton realised her 22-year-old fiance hadn't told his parents he'd popped the question.

"Paris was mortified. She was further upset when she met his parents because they kept asking her tough questions about culture and art," the friend said.

"It turned into a farce."

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