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omg its lyk that slut girls fawlt innit!

It was Peaches' fault, says dreadful Doherty

July 6, 2005 - 12:23PM

Peaches and, inset, Pete Doherty.

Peaches and, inset, Pete Doherty.

British singer Pete Doherty blamed a cheeky pass by Bob Geldof's teenage daughter Peaches for his shambolic Live 8 performance, a newspaper reported today.

Hard-drug user Doherty, boyfriend of supermodel Kate Moss, appeared dazed and confused during his dreadful duet with Elton John in London's Hyde Park on Saturday.

The Babyshambles frontman staggered about the stage and was woefully out of tune as he blundered through T-Rex's Children of the Revolution.

Doherty pointed the finger for his embarrassing rendition at 16-year-old Peaches Geldof.

"I wasn't lost for words and I wasn't out of it on drugs," Doherty told the Daily Mirror from the Spanish island of Ibiza.

"Just before I went on stage, Peaches squeezed my bum hard and whispered something rather suggestive to me. It left me in such shock I didn't know where I was.

"Bob Geldof has organised this amazing global event, I was facing 210,000 people, the cameras were rolling, and f---ing Elton John is dueting with me.

"And Bob's daughter has secretly made a pass at me. It's all I can think about. It did my head in. I didn't think Bob would be very happy."


lmao what absolute bullshit!

Sure you might be a bit shocked but not to the point that you're staggering around the stage and it appears your eyes are about to roll back into your head as you pass out.

Way to try and shift the blame!

I absloutely love this statement

I wasn't out of it on drugs," Doherty told the Daily Mirror from the Spanish island of Ibiza.

That's classic!
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